What others write about us

The German Automobile Clubs Travel Magazine ADAC (02-2002)wrote:

What do you do, when your home has become too big because the kids moved to the mainland to study and your husband spends the working days in Lisbon being a politician? Filomena Babo’s idea was this:
Let tourists come inside the ultra-modern architect’s house. She’s been renting the rooms for two years now, two times she enlarged the house and build additional apartments in the garden, each one offers space, is painted crème, decorated with bright fabrics, almost everyone with a different floor plan, one being a loft. The view from the ground level room’s terrace is like from the cabin of a luxury-liner with own balcony: the infinite ocean, dark blue to the horizon.
The some hundred meters of farmland between the terrace and the sea don´t matter, you only see it when you look down.
You never feel like in a Hotel, more like visiting friends. You want to read the paper in Filomena’s living room, listen to some CD’s of her collection on the stereo: no problem. Have a swim in the family’s pool or enjoy the ocean view from one of the chairs next to it. You’re Welcome. There’s only one enjoying the same privileges as the guests: Chico, the only cat of Filomena’s collection of pets who is allowed to enter the house. Many more cats, three dogs, and the donkeys have to stay outside.
By the way, the parrot, giving the name “papagaio verde” is only made of wood, and on every room’s key chain.

ADAC travel-magazine