All About Christmas in Madeira Island


hristmas is a time full of unique sights, sounds, and flavours. We gather with the family members to enjoy the magic moments of this event honoring the birth of Jesus, evolving into a worldwide religious and secular celebration. Madeira is one of the Portuguese regions where the celebration of Christmas is strongest. At the beginning of December, the Festival lasts until the 15th of January, on the occasion of the Santo Amaro celebrations. From ethnographic markets, concerts, and presentations by folklore groups, the childbirth masses, Market Night to New Year's Eve fireworks. Come visit our safe place for Christmas and check all of our events, dates and times here.

Madeira Christmas symbols and decorations In Madeira, decorating the house for Christmas is a mandatory tradition. The '' crib, the lapinha '', the Christmas trees, the floral arrangements, and the decoration of the tables for family meals are habits deeply rooted in Madeiran culture.


n Portugal, it is a Christmas custom to offer a Christmas flower to those who are most dear to us as a symbol of good luck. One of the most traditional flowers of Madeira's Christmas is '' Sapatinho '' (species of orchid), which blooms from December to January. Christmas decorations, flowers, tables, in the living room, and all over the house cannot be missing. The "Red easter mornings" (Easter Mornings), as they are known in Madeira, the jonquil flower (like an Orchid), the holly, and the '' Alegra-Campo '' are the most typical flowers of the time. Also, it is tradition to plant the '' searinhas '', which are sown wheat in small pots about 1 week before Christmas and decorate the nativity scenes, with the popular intention of obtaining the blessing of the Child for good harvests in the cultivation of the Madeira gardens. The '' searinhas '', which can also be bought in the market, for 1 €, people here use to say that it gives you luck and bread all year long.